Ablation before cancer removed?

Posted by ksa56 @ksa56, Mar 31 6:20pm

I was diagnosed with T1A adenocarcinoma flat lesion bottom of esophagus. No spread clear PET. I am scheduled April 11th for full open esophagectomy because I have Barrett’s. I know Barrett’s can be treated. Just curious if anyone had the Barrett’s treated and just the small part of esophagus removed where the cancer was instead of full esophagectomy.?

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@ksa56, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) can be used to treat dysplasia in areas of Barrett’s esophagus. It sounds like your care team is suggesting that you need more than ablation. Have you asked them about a less invasive option? How did they explain the need for a full esophagectomy?


ksa56 @ksa56
Hi, I was diagnosed with still having Barrett's esophagus after last endoscopy where the docs did perform oblation on lower esophagus. I'm scheduled to have another endoscopy on 4/22 to see if more work is needed. Last year I had radiation and chemo to remove cancerous tumor in lower esophagus which was successful. I'd like to know why the docs think surgery is required in your case?

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