Ability to function. After shoulder replacement while using a walker

Posted by vivian65 @vivian65, Mar 16, 2021

Been using a walker with an immovabled leg due to 5 surgeries on knee. If the docs where I live let me remove it I will have a month to prepare for shoulder surgery at Mayo. Is it possible to use a walker while dominant arm is in a sling.

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Very little for the first 2 weeks, arm dangling...etc. Please read through this thread and see my note about requesting a nerve block from your anesthesiologist. It made the first week post surgery easy.

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Special good wishes @barocco. My rehab went smoothly. I had to keep my arm in an immobilizer. I wish I had known about the nerve block. I had also just recovered from several fractures in the elbow. And my saving grace was the blocks of ice water used that brought cold water to the shoulder. Very comforting.

May you find good health and joy.

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