abdominal swelling/bloating after a double mastectomy

Posted by shahzadee6 @shahzadee6, Apr 17, 2019

I have not had reconstruction yet and it has been a year. I am not fat just looks like a have a basketball under my shirt.

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I am really glad you contacted your doctor right away. Did you get a response? How are you feeling after your mastectomy?

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Same response as with the other reply here I saw. That I just noticed it now coz I no longer have breasts… but we know our bodies, we notice most of the changes especially change in our stomach where most of us are very conscious of.
I saw this video yesterday on youtube explaining swelling after surgery by Dr. William Miami. I can't put the link. It doesn't allow me here.


I started to post the video after reading your comment, impulsive? yes . Hahaha. Then I went back to the last page and noticed that @colleenyoung beat me to it. This is a good video, and maybe some of the breast surgeons discussed on this thread should watch it. Lol
I understand they are focused on saving our lives but discounting our side effects is really disheartening. I am glad you are paying attention to your body.


@delight I think of you often, I apologize that I kind of lose track of conversations. It has been almost a month since we talked and you have had your appointments. How are you doing? Has the lymphedema subsided?

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