Abdominal burning that is now in pelvic area

Posted by mmoss @mmoss, Mar 22, 2021

I am a 67 year old women who started having Burning in lower abdomen on Jan 1st. The pain is now out of my abdomen but the burning Shifted and is now in my pelvic and groin area. I am in pain management now. I have had Ct, MRI and ultra sounds, blood work and no Dr has found anything wrong. The pain management Dr thinks it may be nerve pain. Has anyone experienced any pain like this pain? Thank you.

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Hi mmoss I don't think what I have is same... have p.n. and now, apparently, essential tremors; but have a history of ibs-d, many uti infections from radiation cystitis; as long time ago radiation to cervix. But I do get every low pain and pressure pelvic areas and if have had a very bad day of fecal incontinence, I get SPASMS in rectum, vagina and bladder area... don't think can get any lower area than that, then it becomes legs!! .it happens only about six or so times a year very badly but many times on the verge.... but never sought treatment.
The rest of the time is almost daily lower and right side abdomen pain and if had lots of bm's then inside rectum but more a 'pressure' hard to describe. Only thing i found on internet is that the nerves in whole area are receiving wrong message from brain.......
As have many others on here, also had c.diff 2018 ... but as you and others describe your pain as burning, it does sound like something connected to nerves/nerve endings ... sorry i cant help but do hope you find a cause and relief soon..... pain is pain, burning is burning.... no matter where.... and lower pelvis is such a sensitive area to begin with. Take care, best wishes, J.

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@lacy2 strange but true ... I get those spasms exactly like you do! I am usually woken up at night with them and I take a (measuring) teaspoonful of prepared mustard and it eases off within about ten to twenty minutes. I have not had any radiation or treatments like yours so I don’t understand why. Never have been able to figure it out, and because they happen so sporadically (six or eight times a year) I have not mentioned it to my doctor. I have to admit that I am not a very active person and sit around watching TV a lot with me husband so in my case, that could be the reason ...🤷🏻‍♀️


I am 72 yr old. Got something that mimics EVERY symptom of Pudendal Nerve Neuralgia, yet it's not. I have perineum burning & rectal pain 24 / 7 !! It's absolutely terrible. I would not wish this on my worst energy !
Can not imagine anything traveling from low abdomen to pelvic area, but so truly sorry. Yes, it's NERVES, if burns like crazy. Gabapentin helps burning, but I do not like it's side effects.
Dear lady..pray you find the answer!
Help..if anyone else has what either of us have !!

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My mother has the same exact symptoms and no one is able to help her for 2 years now...have you been able to get a diagnosis or find a solution by chance?


Seek out the help of a women's pelvic floor doctor.

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