Abdomen still sore 4 weeks after cholecystectomy

Posted by waschultz @waschultz, Nov 30, 2018

It's been 4 weeks today since my cholecystectomy. I'm a 52yo male and I had a laparoscopic procedure. I am experiencing some light but sharp pains in and around the 4 incisions. The pain is intermittent and sometimes not there at all. If I am sitting I feel nothing but when I walk around I may experience some odd pain and sensations. It can be a little tender to the touch like a bruise but everything looks great. My surgeon was very pleased with procedure, no complications. My 2 week post-op appointment also went well and my doctor is pleased with the outcome and my healing. I fell better than ever, for the most part, and I can eat just about anything I want without any problems. Internally, deep inside, I can't feel a thing and I suspect it's just fine. The problem is that one month later, the muscles in my abdomen are still a bit sore healing and have a little way to go. Is that usual? It almost feels worse this week than last week? What the heck? I want to go back to the gym and exercise but I don't want to make it worse. Anyone else in a similar situation?

Healing takes time. Outside may look good, but on the inside there is muscle healing, nerves and area where gallbladder was. It can take still another month or more. It is normal and it’s great that your energy is back. It took 8 weeks for my energy to return- even with a rather easy procedure.


Thank you for that. I guess four weeks really isn't that long. I'm really not in much pain or discomfort but there's a lot of changes going on on the inside and I can be such a worrywart. I appreciate your input. 🙂

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