After total hysterectomy for endometrial cancer, stage 1, need chemo?

Posted by sherri01 @sherri01, Nov 3, 2023

After she has gone through surgery, and doing her check up, her doctor tells her that he got all the the cancer, and none was seen in the lymph nodes, will she still have to go through Chemo?

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@sherri01 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We aren’t medical professionals here. We do provide emotional support to one another and share our experiences. Did your friend ask her doctor if she needs any more treatment? Depending on the kind of endometrial cancer (there is more than one kind of cancer) and what the pathology report shows, no other treatment is needed. The doctor usually goes through all of this with their patient so that the patient knows exactly what the doctor did during surgery and what the pathology report says. In case where no other treatment is recommended, the patient then returns to see the doctor for “cancer surveillance” appointments on a regular basis for up to 5 years. In my case, I went back to the clinic and saw a nurse practitioner in the same department as my surgeon every 6 months.

Did your friend say that she thinks she might need chemotherapy?

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