75% hiatal hernia repair

Posted by mjdavidson @mjdavidson, Apr 6, 2021

How normal is it to have a hiatal hernia where 75% of the stomach and intestines are inside your chest cavity causing left lung to collapse ? What are the dangers if any and my chances for full recovery. Surgery took just over 6 hours.

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Hi @mjdavidson, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Although members can't offer medical advice, they can offer their personal experience with hiatal hernias. People like @drpepper, @koryn, @woogie, @sickvick, and @murphy1231213 may be willing to share.

I also shared below a Q and A about hiatal hernias from Mayo.
Mayo Clinic Q and A: Surgery for hiatal hernias:

MJ, is what you described above what you are currently experiencing? Have they offered any other resolutions besides surgery?


Doctors did many tests and concluded that I have hiatal hernia and has some ulcers, that may be bleeding slowly, because of my low iron and ferritin. They suggest surgery, I do not have heartburn or any other issues, what can I do to avoid surgery? Margo C


I had the same situation. I had surgery which took 5 hours and have some GERD but 90% improved. If you had the surgery did the stomach migrate back again? I did have the stomach in the chest as you described but have not had any recurrence after surgery. Are you asking about having repeat surgery for the same issue again?


I had a giant paraesophageal (sliding hiatal) hernia. I have had a very rough, painful journey. This explains a bit of what I have gone through.. it is from a blog that I should keep up, but just haven't. No advertisements .. unless Google slipped them in.
My situation was and is not the “norm” by any means and hopefully my story will not scare you.

Make sure you listen to what your body is telling you.

If I you have any questions I will be be glad to answer them.


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