3 mm solid thyroid nodule. Should I be concerned?

Posted by Strong Enough 2011 @strongenough2011, Jul 17, 2013

I had an ultra sound done about 3 weeks ago and found a “stable” 3 mm solid hyperechoic thyroid nodule. This was a follow up from my November’s ultrasound.

I had an appt with my hormone dr last week and she seemed concerned about it being “solid” (before i think it was cystic)…… she said that my ultra sound reports were conflicting…..she has to get the radilogist to look over them again….

In the meantime, i went yesterday to my endocronologist for my regulary checkup. I asked him about the ultrasound and he said it was fine, not to worry….

my point is….i have been having trouble swallowing for sometime now and it is getting on my nerves, i have to kept something to drink with me all the time b/c i feel like im gagging. One dr is concerned and the other just basically past me off as nothing…..

should i be concerned or not? should i push the issue of further looking into this or not?

I have had a nodule for several years. I have yearly ultrasounds and biopsies if its grown any. I also have trouble swallowing sometimes and a sore throat at times. I understand removal is very involved and the decision requires careful consideration.

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