2nd TKR aka revision TKR.

Posted by mikeah47 @mikeah47, May 1, 2023

My first TKR left leg eventually was replaced after bone scan revealed plus my continued nagging my Sports Surgeon something felt odd in the new knee(1year old) a loose implant.
The revised knee implant resulted in a bleeding set back and some 20+ staples to close the wound area .
Since then I have and still am experiencing swelling on the left knee which has been drained of fluid blood mix each 4 to 6 weeks amounts varying 60 to 90 ccs.
I have during the 18 or so months stents. To alleviate bleeding to the inside of my knee 6 iinplants and additional 8 stents by a Specialist.
My knee discomfort is a mix of swellings to the outside ( looks like half grapefruit in size) shooting pains 11 scale.
My newly added Orthopedic Specialist , the 4th in the Group has recently suggested I see a Rheumatologist to get their diagnosis.
Tired of shaking of heads and puzzled expressions from my Group of Sports Specialists , I’m hoping for any help with the exception of a Parrot, eye patch and peg leg. MH

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Left knee with revision TKR

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As a PS to my post 5/1... After a series of blood tests ,X-rays etc...please to say my Rheumatologist and Radiologists have arrived at the conclusion of D.I.S.H. is my diagnosis and a course of treatment,Steroid and TRAMADOL shot on the day with Celebrex and TRAMADOL 50MG DAILY ...6HRS as needed for pain. Thank you Jesus and Tramadol.MH

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