13 cancerous lymph nodes not detected on imaging

Posted by azrhonda @azrhonda, Nov 20, 2019

I’m 46 years old and do my mammo every year since 40. Suspicious findings in July. Biopsy confirmed invasive lobular. MRI and pet scan did not show any more cancer. Mastectomy 10/23. Pathology found invasive Ductal cancer too as well as lobular cancer in sentinel node. Surgery last week to remove axillary lymph nodes. 13 of the 17 contained cancer. The news keeps getting worse. I don’t understand how 13 lymph nodes containing never showed up on imaging. I now worry that that the cancer has metastasized and just isn’t showing up. Please help me make sense of it all. Thanks

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An MRI saved me. They were able to see my cancer very early. Only three months after a mammogram that showed nothing.
Every other year I have a MRI. Insurance always puts up a fight.

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I have to agree with @sandyjr …about tests results as good as tech's or drs reading them. Verrrrry scary. I was very sick a few years back, 2015, right side abdominal pain and fever…several visits to drs and then E.R. cat scans etc.
. No dr or tech found the problem…then 5 weeks later I dragged myself into a surgeon and he detected enlarged lymph nodes in my groin. I lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks. He removed the lymph nodes, tested benign, but enlarged. Suggested a colonoscopy, which I did, again dr doesn't know what's wrong. Now, as some here may have read, I was back for a repeat mamogram and ultrasound on the 12th of this month. Two spots of concern look benign but are of concern..repeat mamogram in 6 mos. The very next day, I'm trying to get over the testing and stress, I recieved a call from my local dr..my colon test came back positive for cancer!!. Now I have to go through all this AGAIN! My husband insisted I go through Mayo this time, since I'm already an existing patient there for pre-myeloma, mgus. I feel smacked down and broken, to say the least. I realize there are false positives, but I still have to take this dreaded road of more tests, tubes, anesthesia, and the dreaded prep. Hubby cried, hes afraid…God told him take courage. So yes…let's hope we all get great Drs, we trust our health with. Been over a week I called my oncologist at Mayo. They put orders in to a gastrointerologist, but I've not gotten an appointment yet. Trying hard to stay upright.

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