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How hard is it to get an appointment? Any suggestions about that?

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When my husband and I first moved to AZ (apx 15 years ago) I was looking at having elective bowel resection surgery for Diverticulitis. I wanted to become a patient at Mayo Clinic AZ to have this surgery with them. I started by calling the Mayo Gastroenterology Dept on a weekly basis asking if they were accepting new patients. It took a number of months of my calls, until one day I was shocked when I was told “Yes.” I then became a patient there and was given a Mayo Clinic patient number. After my surgery, my goal was to haven a Primary Physician at Mayo; I was able to do this with far fewer calls. Once a patient has a PCP at Mayo, the doctor then can refer them to other specialists as needed. Now all my doctors: Internal Medicine, GYN, Dermatology etc.. are with the Mayo Clinic. (My husband is a patient as well with the same PCP, but sees far fewer doctors since he is very healthy) In my opinion, the knowledge and level of care at Mayo Clinic is far superior to what I have experienced in the past. I hope this answered your questions.

Well, my hematologist supposedly tried to get me an appointment three years ago. I was finally told (after I called his office and never hearing back) that May Clinic was not taking any new patients for Hematology. It was on this chat platform that someone recommended that I try without a referral to get an appointment, so that's what I did. I logged in, requested an appointment and they called me to set up another call, but unfortunately, Hematology is not taking new patients BUT Rheumatology was. Just trying to get my foot in the door and maybe, just maybe I can eventually be seen by the Hematology dept. That's how I got the appointment. Good Luck!

For a hematology-related issue, I filled out and submitted the online request for an appointment around November 1st, 2023. I received a phone call two hours later and found they had an appointment the first week in December of 2023.

I am not claiming this is normal, as this is my only interaction with Mayo. I will tell you that Mayo is worth getting an appointment with if you have a difficult-to-treat or rare condition. I would start by filling out the online form.