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Yup; many of them. The red rash around my eyes (itchy, painful, scary) ) and down my neck onto my chest lasted a few weeks (starting about four months after +Covid test 3/17/23). After contradictory dx from an eye dr. and dermatologist it finally disappeared a few weeks later. The derm said he's seen people with post-Covid rash, suspects immune systems not fending off allergic reactions. As good a guess as any, and he prescribed two weeks of a steroid ointment, which helped. The array of symptoms reported on these forums is staggering, and doctors are struggling (I hope) to put the pieces together and figure out how to help us... so many of us. For me, the worst has been fatigue/PEM, and dizziness/brain fog. It really does stink... the challenge is to keep calm and carry on, I think, while learning to pace oneself and focus on the healthy parts we have left... I've been waiting to get into a LC Clinic in Chicago (booked for 4/1). I find the Mayo groups really are helpful for providing help and understanding. Good luck to you....

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Amen to all that you said. Interesting in that I had eczema in my outer ears after COVID and had to go on steroid cream. I still battle the fatigue and brain fog. I make myself a lot of notes....LOL. I take a nap if I need too. I pray you continue to improve and the LC Clinic will help you. My insurance is no longer going to be in network for this particular LC group, so I am seeing an Integrative Medicine Doctor. COVID did a number to my immune system and I catch everything. It goes into a sinus infection & my lungs with asthmatic bronchitis or pneumonia. I never had pneumonia until COVID. I hear wonderful things about the Mayo Clinic. I am praying for you right now. I care.