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Covid-related rapid heart rate?

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I have been trying to figure out why my heart is beating so hard and quickly. I thought maybe it was a certain medicine so I stopped that. Then I thought am I anxious about something. Then when I joined this discussion group because of other symptoms and to see if there were similarities, I saw someone who posted about heart palpitations. So that IS another Post Covid symptom??

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I hope you informed your doctor that you stopped using your medication. Stopping a medication (cold turkey?) is going to make you sick..
I had covid twice , 2 friends of mind died we think because they were anti vaxxers. I’ve had fast heart rate once in a while but I had it before my 2 covid diagnosis so I doubt Covid causes heart palpitations. Although I’m not a doctor I can say that what I have is a--fib and I don’t believe covid had anything to do with it. Check with your doctor regarding a-fib. Although my experience shows that my rate of Affib has never increased or changed in any frequency or not. It remains the same for me.

I haven't had a rapid heartbeat as a post Covid symptom, but I have had problems with episodes of rapid heartbeat trying to get over RSV. The episodes are are also inclusive of a sensation of extremely weak legs. I had an episode at my PCP's office, so he did an ekg, and I assume it was ok because I got kind of rushed out of the office after also an ear irrigation, and he never went over the ekg with me. I guess I had used up my slotted appointment time! 😆😉

I've had fast heart rate since I had COVID in 2020. I recently started taking flecanide per my cardiologist. It really helps, but it's super scary when my heart is beating so fast and hard that my entire torso is rocking. I pray it will go away one day

Thank you!

Although I’ve been seeing a teledoc (Covid Specialist) for over 8 months & continue to do so monitoring my blood markers, I felt I needed to see a Covid Specialist in person re my racing heart & erratic BP. I’m fortunate that Dr Peter McCullough (a Cardiologist, Internist, & Epidemiologist by trade) who’s known worldwide as a Covid Specialist has office in my town. He added an extra BP med to my regular one (called Nadolol) & it eliminated my problems! He said he’s seeing lots of Long Haul patients with racing hearts that basically need to be re-regulated. May (or may not) be ur issue but prob worth discussing with a heart specialist who also understands Long Haul Covid issues…

I noticed after having Covid the first time, I would get an increased heart rate when doing something that should not cause an increased heart rate. I was referred to a cardiologist who didn’t find any major problems- EKG, 48 hr holter monitor and carotid ultrasound. He did tell me i has some valve leakage, but he did not think it was serious enough to put le on medication as my resting heart rate is very low. I do still notice at times my heart rate increasing for no discernible reason.However it doesn’t happen often.

I also have rapid heartbeats since having had a covid infection in 2020, it started a few weeks after testing negative, I also get sweating and trembling, the symptoms come and go now but I noticed that when I stress the symptoms get worse.. I have some of the other symptoms mentioned here. I completed a survey for the government regarding covid vaccines, they were interested in how the new booster affected my long covid..it didn’t really make any difference but my symptoms did increase for a while. I’m concerned about the RSV virus and they are not covering the cost for it, $300-350. I really resent that because it’s important and this cost is going to deter many people who can’t afford it, lack of caring is what I call it.