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Anhedonia after drinking alcohol

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Hi @monica1234 . Is your appointment with the new doctor coming up soon? Because of my lousy memory, I try to make notes about what I want to talk about with the doctor. Sometimes I still miss things.

When I go with my wife to an appointment, I often hear her saying things that make it sound like she's doing much better than I know she is, and I speak up. I don't know if you and she are alike in that, but I hope you'll be honest about how you really feel. Otherwise our doctors don't know how they can do what needs to be done, and it slows the treatment schedule down. Don't be shy about letting them know what's actually happening in your life.

I'll be interested to hear how it goes.


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Hi Jim.....thank you for asking! I go to my new Dr. next Wed., Jan 10th. I've got stuff written down on sticky notes....several things I really need to talk to him about. LOL one thing that worries me is that I'm a 'night owl'.....worked mostly 3rd shift jobs and even though I'm retired, I'm still in that mode. And good grief....I fall asleep maybe around 4-5:00 a.m. (kinda more like a late 2nd-shifter now)....and my appt. is for 8:15 a.m.! I'll probably just stay awake. I HAVE to see him. Oh, I tell the truth...I have several things to tell him and sometimes maybe too much, LOL but it's all going to 'tumble out'. My hubby is the one who doesn't always tell the truth....I'm just the opposite lol.....I want the Dr. to know EVERYTHING that's going on with me because I really want ANY help he can give me. I've dealt with some really depressing things for several years (like so many do) and all I want, is to feel better. I've never been like I am now....and for me, going to this Dr. is such a positive thing. So many say he really cares about his patients...he actually has not been taking any new patients for years....but since my husband has been going to him for so long (I found him at my old Dr.'s office (she retired about 5 years ago, just loved her....she was a really caring person)....and anyway, since I am 'family', he said "Sure, I'll take you." I feel lucky!! I will let you know how it goes. And I wish ALL THE BEST to you and your wife.....hugs!!