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Anhedonia after drinking alcohol

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Hi @monica1234, I hear the hope and healing in your post. Just wanted to drop in and offer virtual encouragement on your path to getting a therapist and continuing to love yourself.

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Hi Colleen....thank you so much. < 3 No matter our ages, we all go through problems.....to the point of being devastated. I've been there and my heart goes out to anyone....and everyone else who has also been there. I have a lot of faith, though....oh, I'm not going to church....but I DO have faith that things will get better! I have looked online & also in my trusty ole phonebook lol...and looked for therapists. I think I will wait for my first appt. with a new Dr., in January....and ask him for (hopefully) a referral. Maybe grief support...I don't know which. There has been so many family problems....even a death that threw me into total depression....and so far, I have muddled along. But there ARE good days .....and I know there will be more. The phrase you mentioned...'continuing to love yourself' says so much!! Sometimes we don't do that....even think we are 'weak'. I had a Dr. (the one who retired, just loved her) that once said to me, " You're too fragile"....she was referring to my mental state....that I needed to develop a thicker skin, to speak up....but sometimes, with close family members, you DON'T speak up....she told me, "It's abuse, family or not." I tried to handle it....it did a lot of damage. But like I said, things WILL get better....they have to!! Thank you and you take care now, be happy and stay safe. It's wonderful to have people like you on this site....it's a comfort and you give us hope. 🙂