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Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien)

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I smoked marijuana for so many years it didn’t make me sleepy anymore. I’m not sure if the gummies would even work and I live in a state which makes you get a yearly license for it requiring a $200 doctor visit, the license renewal fee which wasn’t cheap (I did it once) and I just don’t like knowing I’m in all the state data. I’m too old to move 3000 miles to California and I don’t, want to live where it gets cold. I guess I’ll have to try a sleep doctor although I’m not holding a lot of faith in that. I developed mild sleep apnea as I got into my 50s so I know they’ll try to push another machine on me which I hated (tried it for about 3 months) and returned. I know it’s not the sleep apnea causing the insomnia since I’ve had it since my mid 30s when I was in a high stress job and had a lot of anxiety. I think that’s what’s causing the insomnia now because I still have a lot of stress and anxiety for many reasons. I have tried CHT f or almost 2 years but talking about it just doesn’t come through for me. I’ll see about the sleep doctor. Thank you.

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Sorry, CBT.

Good luck, sleep is so important.

You should still try the over-the-counter doxylamine succinate (25 mg), a sleep aid that is inexpensive, sold at Costco as "Sleep Aid" for like $7 for a two bottle package. It was formerly sold as Unisom, which is more commonly sold now with the ingredient being diphenhydramine (Benadryl). There is a version of Unison which is the doxylamine succinate, but you need to read all the Unison labels carefully to see which it is. Start with a half tablet, because it is pretty effective, will cause you perhaps to be groggy after you wake in the AM if you take an entire tablet (at first). It's an antihistamine with the side effect of drowsiness.