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Forteo weight gain…anyone experience this?

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I started on Tymlos in mid June and have gained almost 15#. I too craved sugar and was eating unhealthy processed foods that I normally wouldn’t consume. Most of the weight is in my belly. I tried to explain this to my doctors without much success. I’m noticing that the cravings are subsiding so I can concentrate on losing weight, which, at the age of 72 is no longer easy. I also have limited mobility due to my most recent fractures. I feel stuck as well but beginning to feel a little more hopeful. We just have to hang in there 😊

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I've never replied on a comment section before. I was extremely happy to read the other comments on Forte and weight. The literature does not emphasize but I have experienced this big time. I'm over 65 but I've always had a low weight so when I noticed how much weight I put on at least 10 # after about 2 1/2 months, primarily in the belly, I kept asking what was I doing that I put on so much weight. I wouldn't have been able to confirm this except for all your comments! Forteo absolutely causes weight gain. I've also had numerous falls and couldn't figure out why. I think this is due to the Forteo too. Once I had the beginning of a fall I could not stop the fall, if that makes sense. I just fell twice again today taking my dog for a walk. I stopped the Forteo about 1 1/2 weeks ago so I hope to reduce falls and weight gain. Thanks everyone.