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Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien)

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Have you tried cannabis gummies? Like you, I took Ambien for 20 years and it stopped working. I now take one 10mg THC gummie at night for sleep. I live in IL, so can purchase recreational marijuna. I started at low dose of 1 mg and titrated up slowly as needed for sleep. My physician is on board with this plan. Start low dose, do not take whole gummie to start. Good luck!

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I'll talk to my physician about it. For the past 3 days I cut the dose in half. Sleep quality was affected.

I smoked marijuana for so many years it didn’t make me sleepy anymore. I’m not sure if the gummies would even work and I live in a state which makes you get a yearly license for it requiring a $200 doctor visit, the license renewal fee which wasn’t cheap (I did it once) and I just don’t like knowing I’m in all the state data. I’m too old to move 3000 miles to California and I don’t, want to live where it gets cold. I guess I’ll have to try a sleep doctor although I’m not holding a lot of faith in that. I developed mild sleep apnea as I got into my 50s so I know they’ll try to push another machine on me which I hated (tried it for about 3 months) and returned. I know it’s not the sleep apnea causing the insomnia since I’ve had it since my mid 30s when I was in a high stress job and had a lot of anxiety. I think that’s what’s causing the insomnia now because I still have a lot of stress and anxiety for many reasons. I have tried CHT f or almost 2 years but talking about it just doesn’t come through for me. I’ll see about the sleep doctor. Thank you.