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Losing weight

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@jfching My first concern would be the micro clots. I assume you are still seeing a neurologist. Does he/she think that the logical solution to your clots is blood sugar as well? Losing weight is great for everyone, especially diabetics. However, self diagnosis may also be harmful to your current condition. It would be interesting to hear what your endocrinologist has to say. At any event, you may wish to work with a dietitian to help with the weight loss.

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I thank you and the members of this forum for your concern. Yes I was with a neuro and I am on meds.. the microclots are because of a mild stroke in 2016. MRI was done and that was stable. We are monitoring and I am on blood thinner so that it would not grow. You are correct that diet is essential in all of these as I need to have a lifestyle that will not encourage artherosclerosis. Thank you once again for your reply. The replies of the members are helping me tremendously as I need to avoid anxiety pills though 2022 incident of heart failure made me traumatized at best. I am trying to overcome that as on the extreme, I am oversensitive to all sensations happening to my body and thus becoming weak. I googled different ailments list pooping, colon, eye, liver, kidney diseases which cause me anxiety 🙂