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I hope you don't mind if I jump in on this conversation. I recently developed "medication-induced GERD" from taking oral alendronate. The best approach I've found for treating it is following an anti-inflammatory diet. For three weeks, I stopped eating processed foods, red meat, drinking wine, etc. I increased anti-inflammatory foods like fatty fish and blueberries, and, in that time, I hardly felt any discomfort at all from the GERD. I continue on an "anti-inflammatory light" diet, and I've started eating oatmeal, which absorbs acid in the stomach, and fruits like bananas and cantaloupe, which are alkaline. I find it is especially useful to eat 1/2 of a banana an hour or so before going to bed. I am averse to taking any of the medications recommended for GERD, so I'm happy to have found a system of eating that makes a real difference for me. I have to admit that it was easier to give up my red wine than my coffee (!) I still have 1 - 1 1/2 cups of coffee every morning followed by fennel tea (which is good for the digestive system).

I hope this is useful for you.

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Thank you !Very Helpful. If you have any sites for this diet please share.,,

Thank you for the input and suggestions.
I have been a vegetarian for 38 years and before my permanent vegetarian status in 1985, I dabbled in vegetarianism for years. This started in high school and really frustrated my parents. I am 71, so I’m talking about the 60s when being a vegetarian was radical. 🙂
Occasionally- because I feel terrible- I go vegan. After a month or two, I feel great but also bored and revert to just being a vegetarian.
Friends and family wonder how a vegetarian can be 30 pounds overweight. Well, because the vegetarian is eating ice cream, pastry, half and half, etc.
Every time I eat a vegan diet, I lose 10-15 pounds.
So.,. I am in total agreement with the Mediterranean diet.
Like you, I have cut out wine, but kept the coffee.
All this healthy eating and I am on Evenity. That feels radical, too.

I hope you don't mind my joining this conversation: I just had my first Evenity injection after deciding my negative three point two on lower lumbar vertebrae/Dexan scan is more threatening than I could deal with through non pharma methods alone. Thank you for the tips re bananas and cantelope. I have a history of a 'tortuous esophagus' so these tips should help. I wanted to mention that I had sto give up regular coffee because of heart racing issues and I have found Folger's decaf is pretty good as a replacement. I wonder, since I take Miralax every day for ten years now due to constipation problems as a life long issue (I am 82), if other food might help avoid a loss of nutrients. Thank you, again, for sharing.

I am on evenity now but looked at my last box of alendronate 70 mg.
It doesn't say anything about day or evening for taking just take on empty stomach with 8 oz of water. Don't lie down for 30-60 min. I noticed that several of you take it at night. Would it help to take in the morning?