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Hi liz,

I've been researching the topic since my last checkup.

Here's my story - I had PRK mono-vision 16 years ago - it was wonderful - I was better than 20/20 in my far eye and J1 in my near eye. About two years ago my optometrist noticed the beginnings of observation - just a bit. My last checkup he said it was time for cataract surgery - the average age of cataracts is 69 - I am 69. My family has always had cataract surgery at about this point. My near eye was rated 2+ for cataracts and my far eye 1+.

The topic can get quite complicated, but the basics are that Medicare/Insurance will cover basic replacement IntraOcular Lenses. These simply replace you current organics lens in a very common, high success rate, usually painless and very success operation. The surgeon will use some basic refraction information to choose a lens for your eyes that could even improve your vision. Most folks will continue to need to wear glasses for near vision, however.

There are MANY different lenses available from several companies that can improve vision like a basic lens, but they may also provide some extended depth of field (EDOF) capability, or even multi-focal capability - usually with some side effects to vision like increased halo effects, clarity at distance, etc. These lenses are called "premium lenses" because you will pay an additional $2000-$5000 (varies based on area and surgeon) per eye.

The very latest in developments is by a company RXSight, that makes a lens from a different material (silicon) - that always a few modifications following implantation. This is called a Light Adjustable Lens (LAL).

Most moderate sized cities and large towns will have surgeon who can implant basic lenses and most types of premium lenses. LAL is not as common, but the number of surgeons doing this is increasing.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Very helpful.