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Saliva Issue

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What IV LongCovid??

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bettyjackson, I am going to an Integrative Medicine Doctor who treats long Covid. I am getting IV infusions with vitamin C, Vitamin D, B Vitamins, Zinc & Glutathione (Sp?). I am having to take it slow as I am so sensitive to even the infusions. I cannot tell yet if they are helping, but, I am continuing to go because he "thinks outside the box" for Long Covid patience. I found out last week that I have a gene mutation that isn't allowing my body to detox NOR does it absorb B Vitamins. I have had this since i was born and I inherited this gene from both parents. This explains why my immune system is so crummy, I catch everything and have so many upper respiratory infections. I have an appointment next week to see what we will do. I am also going to have environmental allergy & food allergy testing done. Histamine issues and Mast Cell issues can also go along with this. Look these up. It's very interesting and it is said 40% of the population has gene mutation issues. I hope this helps. Blessings.....