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I've had significant Afib since 2002. Controlled somewhat through drugs, but was taken off when cirrhosis was found and I needed a transplant. Imaging and tests shows SVT, calcification on the aorta valve, and evidence of previous heart attacks I didn't know I had. I also have CHF, diastolic dysfunction. My transplant hospital was concerned that I wouldn't make it though surgery due to it. They performed their own cardiac study, and due to the severity of advanced cirrhosis, they said it was acceptable risk. Obviously and fortunately, I made it through the transplant process.

BTW, I didn't know about the heart attacks because they're Type II MIs, caused by something other than a clot. For me, that was Afib kicking my pulse into the >150's and BP running ~180/110 for an extended amount of time. I had an MI 5 months after transplant, same condition, this time ICU was able to isolate the reasons. Extended high order BP and pulse caused enough damage to earn that diagnosis. I'm glad you're compensated, and smart of you to get ahead of the game.

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Thank you for the detailed information that you provided. I am glad that you were able to receive your transplant and recover after the MI. I was concerned that the SVT was part of Hemodynamic circulation; and if so, that I may develop diastolic CHF. My cardiologist tells me that my ECHO is normal and no diastolic CHF. I had some exercise intolerance over the past 2-3 years when I jog and am very concerned. I worry that with progression of CHF that I will not qualify for a transplant. I am also confused by “compensated.” I had a biopsy that showed “vascular congestion.” I inquired if this means “portal hypertensive gastropathy.” It was dismissed and again stated “compensated.”