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My typically low b.p. decreased to 70s over 50s on average while on Camzyos plus I inexplicably lost 20 pounds. There were other factors like overreplacement of thyroid meds that wasn't discovered until much later that may have contributed to the negative changes that I experienced the last several months prior to stopping Camzyos. Unfortunately I have experienced no improvement in b.p. or weight since stopping in July. In fact I am now in stage 4 heart failure and also have many struggles with activities of daily living. Basically bed ridden. My cardiologist also doubts Camzyos was the culprit. Camzyos made me feel better for many months but never showed a positive effect on ECHOs. Perhaps my longstanding HOCM was destined to progress regardless of what medication I was taking. Will never know. I declined surgery due to potential complications like cognitive decline, conduction problems, anxiety, depression, none uncommon after septal myectomy.

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I did have a septal myectomy in 2017. It didn't help much. They couldn't reduce the thickness of my lower heart. I didn't have any of those side effects from surgery. Still had to be on a betta blocker. Just recently went on Mavacamten...Not for me. After 6 months, it triggered unusual side effects for me. Everyone is different. Now going on a clinical trial. Hopefully to be approved soon.
To answer your question, yes it did keep my pressure low. Since I am off, the pressure is still good, but not as low. Mavacamten did show good effects on echo...but I just felt that I couldn't handle it anymore. I needed to see if the side effects would subside. so far, no luck.
Good luck to you.