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I have Pigmentary glaucoma. It's so rare, that only 1 in 10,000 have it. I had never had any check for glaucoma in my life until I was 42. I am 83 now. When first found in 1982, my opthomologist said, I at most had only 5% of my optic nerve remaining. My pressures were in my left eye 39 and in my right eye 37. They are supposed to be below 18 in both eyes. I was sent to an eye surgeon in Dallas for a second opinion. He said, he had never seen worst
eyes ever. As bad as it sounds, I took Timoptic in the beginning lowering my pressures in both eyes around 15.
My field tests were showing I was losing my upper vision and two weeks ago, my field test showed worse upper vision. I now take combigen and Lumigan. I have never had a problem with either eye drop.
Glaucoma is definitely determined by losing vision in the optic nerve at the back of the eye. Pressure build up and cannot get out as the angles clog up. Taking drops keep the pressure down. My last visit my eye pressures were 12 in both of my eyes. For me, both of these eye drops have been a savior for me. Otherwise, I would be blind but I play golf and can see my ball up in the sky and rolling along the ground. I hope those of you with watery eyes, etc. can find a cause. I do not have watery eyes and never have.

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Thank you for your reply

Yes I have considered a second opinion concerning my eyes and the treatment I'm getting, that's why my Regular MD have sent me to another eyes specialist for another opnion. thank you for your reply.