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Probably because I use an AutoPap for obstructive sleep apnea my eye pressure was said to be elevated. Then I was prescribed Alphagan. After a few months my right eye was seeing double. I believe I may have accidentally gotten more than a single drop in the right eye. It is difficult for me to control. According to Mayo Clinic double vision, diplopia, is a common side effect of Alphagan. My esteemed Opthamologist disagreed.

Until the double vision returned to normal I took no eye drops. That took about 3 months. Now I am taking Lumigan 0.01%, each evening one drop in each eye, then keep eyes closed two minutes because that improves the effect by 25%. There have been no ill effects.

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Good to know your sight is getting better. I'm was taking Lumigan 0.02% and I didn't like it. it made my eyes swell up with water, right eye more than the left. it felt like my right eye was going to burst, felt like a log was in it, eyes became very sensitive to light. I stopped using it last Wednesday and my eyes feel much better. Tis is the third eye drop I've tried, and they all pretty much have the same side effects, except the Lumigan made my eyes feel worse than any of the others. I told my eye specialit my eyes was drainging almost every day, the only time I had dry eyes was when I used my Electric Blanket.

I need to correct the dosage on my Lantaprost, it is 0.005% One morning I woke up looked at my television and it was completely white for a few seconds, plus my eyes was drainging more.

I took another look at my COMBIGAN 0.2%/0.5% was my second eye drop that after reading the clinical study I didn't use, I was to put one drop twice a day in both eyes. It had the same side effects as the Latanprost0.005%. I don't believe I need eye surgery just as my MD said. ust get some strong glasses, he said my focus is off. Yes I may have Cataract and Angular Glaucoma, but once my lin in my eye is removed and the artificial lin put in it place it can't be undone. I will be tunnel vision.