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Anhedonia after drinking alcohol

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@emu567 I know from unfortunate experience that dealing with horrible experiences isn't easy, and takes time. I've been working with therapists for a number of years. When I asked one therapist how long I'd be dealing with PTSD, I didn't like his answer. The rest of my life!!? I didn't want to believe it. I've learned that it affects us in unexpected ways, every person being different.

My own recovery is made possible by having some good therapists, a loving wife (51 years), my faith in God, and my service dog. The memories still surface and my depression and anxiety spike in spite of my attempts to use the coping skills I've learned to depend on.

Sometimes we have to set aside things we think are necessary to our happiness and focus on other things - our own mental health, healthy companions, our personal wishes and goals.

I have to stop here. Let us know how things are going.


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I will definitely be 'following' this. I have been married for many yrs., also suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression....I try to focus on the good things.....the blessings.....but it is very hard. Sometimes you just want to hibernate, but that isn't good, either. I know I need a therapist to 'get things out'....but something keeps me from doing it. So many think I'm happy-go-lucky....so I guess I can hide a lot of things. I get tired of feeling like I have to do that. I know I need some kind of support.....I have none, just myself. My husband does not understand....he just doesn't 'get it'. Oh well. I have a new Dr. appt. coming up, maybe he can suggest a therapist. A death about a yr. ago threw me into a horrible depression, friends suggest I try a 'little whiskey' (ugh)... to sleep..I've drank it daily every day since then. BIG mistake. Oh, I'm never drunk...I get all my work done, etc., but still....I've become dependent. I'm down to 3 shots....trying to get to 0. Alcohol definitely is NOT the answer! It went from calming me to just the opposite.....more depression & anxiety. Maybe that's good? It's making me cut it out of my life. I need 'like-minded' people around me....not drinkers. I want to be healthy....well it's after 1:00 a.m., and I've talked too much. This is a wonderful site....I actually deactivated my Facebook Account for maybe a month....I needed a break from it. But this site? It can actually help me, give me hope. Thank you so much. 🙂