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Thank you very much for your response Delweb98, It is massively appreciated! I am very troubled and sorry to hear that you are having these problems in both your ears, it must be horrible to have to spend so much time and money trying so many different treatment options to no avail, in addition to extremely frustrating having to visit so many different "specialists" who do not show their patients the time of day. The technology that you are testing out does appear to be very promising, I hope it does show some significant improvements to your ailments.

I do have my skepticism when it comes to "fix it all technology", I just really hope it is not a full promise money grab as the products cost is definitely up in numbers. However, CES Ultra does appear to be the top tier of CES devices upon research and if anything can have an impact, it seems this device will certainly show some kind of improvement, being deployed so close to the eustachian tube. I really hope this does workout for you for the sake of us both, I would be more than happy to hear your updated status.

Here are some things I would like to try:

~Otevant balloon device
~Ear proper device
~Munchie techniques
~Endonasian cranial adjusting
~Estrogen drops through the nose

From all the personal research I did, I believe that the true condition is Patulous Eustachian tube dysfunction, a disorder of the valve of the Eustachian tube that causes it to remain open. This is harder to diagnose as I understand that this form of dysfunction does not have any detectible symptoms unless it is either monitored over a few minutes with an air pressure test called a tympanometry which doctors typically don't have the patience to probe, or, possibly through a CT scan.

For awhile I thought I may have had trench ear because I was working in the cold for so long that maybe the blood vessels to my ear just died out. I did eat alot of fermented foods at the time the issue began a year ago, this maybe supports a histamine response but it's hard to believe when anti histamines do not make a difference in my case and potentially yours too.

Nevertheless, I do hope you get some results soon. Here in Canada, ENT specialists take forever to see. I'll be lucky if I can see a new one in the next (6) months.

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