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Please check out RLS foundation.org. The algorithm you cited has been on their website for quite awhile. I didn’t thoroughly read the article you linked, but I perused it and can tell you that you would benefit greatly by that website. I have had RLS since childhood (genetics) and finally sought help in my 60’s. Fast forward to severe augmentation after 3 years on pramipexole. I joined the RLS foundation ( not necessary, but very well worth it in my opinion) and got so much information. I left my sleep doctor and educated my PC (who told me a serum ferritin level of 23 was good -HA)on everything I learned. That was the point where I took matters into my own hands.
I now supplement with magnesium glycinate ,500 mg, every night 45 minutes before bedtime and 65 mg of iron +vitamin C , usually in the morning. Am I cured- no, am I having better nights- more often than not. Even if you choose not to join, there is still tons of information on the foundation website.

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@reillyg1013, @chucklesg, @euscsey and all...I was on heavier medications for multiple reasons, diagnoses, and years. I'm off it all now...off gabapentin, Lyrica, oxycodone, heavy ibuprofen, alprazolam, Cymbalta, Robaxin, and more...I continue to take Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia and it's excellent help for me. Robaxin is wonderful. Alprazolam I'm reducing but will continue. I have found the regimen I laid out in my earlier message is excellent for my needs, and helps me lose the RLS discomfort and symptoms.

I think the magnesium, Proferrin Clear, Requip, Robaxin, melatonin, CBD, and Kenalog cream as needed, on my legs, feet, and lower back and the occasional Bumex to control my edema caused by Primary Aldosteronism. Edema causes my RLS symptoms to flare so I have quite the balancing act to keep it all under some control. I'm happy to say it's helping and at the moment, I'm pleased with the improvement I'm experiencing. I occasionally use a prescription magnesium cream or Voltaran, but the Kenalog is far better for the more difficult times.

Yes, I suggest you check out the RLS Foundation as well. You will learn a lot and get some insights that may help guide you in the right direction. I have received good guidance from my Mayo hematologist and the Mayo sleep department. My hematologist is my go-to person for this entire scenario. Highly recommend you seek the knowledge this specialty and Mayo provide.

Blessings, Elizabeth