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It's hard when it takes years and your diagnosis still isn't nailed down, I know. I've decided it's like trying to hit a moving target, lol. I've resigned myself to the idea that it may change again. For all their training, doctors are still imperfect people so they aren't going to get it perfect, right? I was prescribed metaclopramide after I pestered my Dr. to death. He finally passed me off to a gastroenterologist who just took me off of it and said I was fine. I'm not fine. Having gastroparesis is a big impact in my life, and it really stinks. I would go to a different dr. If there was a choice. He's really nice, but too offhand for my taste. I am managing by noticing what bothers me and avoiding those foods. I also have diverticulosis. I know that the most recent guidance on this is " seeds don't have to be avoided", but for me that's not accurate. Especially little seeds like strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. And I cannot digest flaxseed black sesame or chia unless they are ground.

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@farmgrrl57 Is it possible for you to get an appointment at a comprehensive medical center or university medical center in your state? You deserve to be evaluated and not just passed off. Most doctors just aren’t all that familiar with autoimmune diseases. Doctors at university or major medical centers have a lot more knowledge and could help you more. I ended up at a university hospital when the local doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. And I’m so glad I did.
Will you think about it and give a call tomorrow?