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I take a pramipexole tablet, 0.5mg (prescription), and
sometimes a couple of Tylenols at bedtime. No cure, but
it does help me get a good night's sleep.
You are correct, most people do NOT understand how
debilitating RLS can be. I have had this problem
for about 30 years.

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@georgia18, @ mamaear, and all...My heart is with each of you dealing withRLS and the lack of knowledge, poor understanding, no follow-up, ignorance etc within the medical complex.
I've had severe, increasing through the years, RLS interfering with sleep and daily activities progressively. At 72ish, I had another sleep study, after taking most of my care to Mayo Florida. Thank you, God! That 1 action has given me hope, support in all areas of my health, and extended my life time AND my quality of each day!

I was diagnosed with RLS, severe obstructive apnea, etc. I was sent for specific Ferritin bloodwork, 1st time in my life.
It was 15! Quite low Ferritin, but some can be lower. Sleep told me the docs like to see a level at 100+ for RLS and other issues. I began taking OTC Vitron C, iron supplement with C daily. I had 2 iron infusions. I was shocked at the changes in my health, my life! It was a huge improvement.

I added magnesium supplement daily, was taking B Complex and B 12 injections, D3, Zinc.For the 1st time in years, decades, I saw improved sleep and overall health.

I use now a bi-pap with 2 L O2 nightly as O2 levels were dropping nightly...finally diagnosed during a hospital stay and c-pap didn't keep O2 levels up at night. Finally, docs saw what I had said for months, O2 was in 80s at night! Best thing ever...O2 and Bi-pap. And Ferritin.

I take 1 tablet of Requip early evening, giving it time to begin working prior to bedtime. I now take ProFerrin Clear, supplement my new hematologist at Mayo began I get from Amazon!! This change made a huge difference. Less constipation, increased Ferritin levels and closer to normal iron profile bloodwork, improved RLS drastically. The Vitron C stopped helping and created bowel
issues, ferritin levels dropped but no one would give me iron infusions I asked for, begged to get. Only down to 40s, not low enough! My PCP, non -Mayo, couldn't get infusions approved, but referred me to Mayo hematology! That wonderful man changed my life, once again, by putting me on the ProFerritin supplement and closely watching my iron profile and Ferritin levels, as they rose!

I'm a new woman now. Still must take Milk of Mag nightly for slow bowels, but so what! 🤷 I sleep well, have better brain clarity, less fatigue, some real energy, etc, etc, etc.i lift my legs more easily! Don't feel like heavy tree trunks! Walk easier, steadier, fewer balance and less leg pain.

Ok. Now, I've told this story. Take it and run to the doctor who will hear you!

Blessings, Elizabeth.