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@legacyrock, I add my welcome along with @ptannie. I'm also tagging additional members with experience with hairy cell leukemia like @c1608 @ptannie @jacg and @tallyteresa.

As you may have already been told, treatment for hairy cell leukemia doesn't always need to start right away if you're not experiencing any symptoms.

Legacyrock, how was your diagnosis discovered? Are you experiencing symptoms? Is treatment being suggested for you at this time?

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The discovery of the HCL was a strange series of events. The first year of covid I had to have emergency surgery for a part of my small intestine that the blood supply was being cut off. Months later my oldest daughter who is a paramedic read through the reports pertaining to the surgery. She asked me what they were doing about the aneurysm? I didn’t know anything about it. Sent a message to my primary doc who scheduled another ct scan for the aneurysm . At that time we noticed some lymph nodes that were larger than they should be. Had labs done at the same time and numbers were low but not concerning enough to do anything but keep a eye on them. 3 months ago at another ct scan discovered very swollen lymph node in my armpit. Labs indicated numbers were a bit lower. Biopsy of the lymph node is when I received the diagnosis of HCL. Kept checking numbers and ultimately had bone marrow biopsy on Monday which confirmed everything. I have had no symptoms. Appetite is good, energy is good, sleep is good. Basically I feel fine and if it hadn’t been for my daughter reading my post surgery report I wouldn’t have any idea that anything was wrong.