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Granuloma Annulare: Any ideas for treatment?

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My GA started 22 years ago on my back, then spread to whole torso, legs, arms. It was very itchy. After several dermatologists, finally got biopsy and diagnosis. And steroid creams. I started taking capsules with Omega 3 oils and using oils or creams to moisturize my skin. Something helped, because it mostly went away, except for my lower legs, where it remained all these years, itching occasionally but mostly causing no harm (except to my pride, because I hated the way it looked).
This spring I was diagnosed with an unusual lung infection, MAC, which required me to go on 3 antibiotics in June. In the past month my GA has flared up, spread to my whole torso, and itches terribly. My dermatologist prescribed a steroid cream, triamcinolone, which has helped a lot. But I can only use it for two weeks at a time, then must take a week off. After 5 days off, the itch comes back strong and I have to use ice packs strapped to the front and back of my body to get to sleep at night! I won't be able to stop the antibiotics until next July... so I may have to endure this GA recurrence until then. I'm 74. Good luck to everyone on this unpredictable journey!

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I have had this 3 years. 2nd year it started moving down below my knees. It is still on my torso but it has faded a lot. The back of my knees and down the sides of my legs is very dark red in big circles. Im 73 with autoimmune issues. To your question. No cure. I am learning more and more. If it goes away, it can return and may be worse. Many have it 2 years and some have it forever. I use steroid cream to help itching and if it goes into a full attack my doctor gave me Atarax. The itch usually starts in the evening and I get big whelts like ant bites. Just maddening. I hope my bit of info helped. A note: contacted center for disease and they gave me a bunch of sites to read. I am looking for some volunteer research sites. I have hopes that if I can help research, help others and learn more, I'm in.