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@kartwk This sounds like a very distressing and difficult situation for you. And you have no family who can help? Is your husband confused or clear most of the time? Someone other than you, could explain what NOT having the surgery means continued and increasing pain. Having the surgery means having surgical pain for about a week and lots of physical therapy. But he will be able to walk without pain. (I was a nurse on an orthopedic unit for about 1 year). But, your bigger question is whether he will be able to tolerate the surgery.
I’m also very concerned about the traveling pain doctor. Maybe your doctor could do some research on the doctor and the medications he uses.
Do you think that any of this would help?

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No other family members around, unfortunately

As I said, he likes the surgeon and went to him for a long while. He knows that the surgery will alleviate the pain. As I type this he is walking down the hallway grunting and moaning in pain....I want to just scream as it is very upsetting to hear all the time. The pain is also making him nasty because he hurts. If I try to talk about a solution, such as using a wheel chair in the open areas of the house. he can blow up about it, so I don't bother any more. I don't know if it is a matter that he is scared of surgery or pride.

Primary doc has told him same thing and has assured him he is in good hands with the surgeon.

Seems like he walks less and less.

His daughter seems to find these traveling docs. They work generally with in a hospital system, like Norton etc. He is due for another shot with this guy eventhough they don't seem to be helping.