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Which Breast Implants?

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Nov 7, 2023 | Replies (9)

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I will only say that textured are not used at the City of Hope when I wentvto my plastics doctor.
I have only had mine in for 10 months. I was told 10 years is usually when they are replaced.
I expect more will reply. I have not had side effects as you describe, but I will say my doc said it is the norm for the implants to finally become part of me after 6 or more months

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Textured implant have been removed free of charge by implant companies. I would not put silicon in. I have saline only because in 1994 my silicon ones burst and silicone traveled under my arms and into my organs. I have mri to prove it. After my breast cancer diagnosis I had saline implants replaced with new ones. But you should get textured implants out. Replaced by implant company free. Under ten years old company pays for surgery too.

Again textured implants have been recalled by manufacturer. They pay for surgery and new implants put in. I am surprised someone used them. It has been I believe at least 5 years since they have been off market. Check with the manufacturer. City of hope does not use them because they caused problems. I do not know any plastic board certified doc that would put them in. It is not normal to have the reaction to implants you are having. I suggest you call manufacturer and they should tell you about recall and paying for explanation and replacement of textured ones with smooth ones. Good luck