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Hi Dana (again)- OK- I've done some reasearch and found an article that seems to explain what's going on with this controversy. Thanks for inspiring my research. article available here: https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2021/january-web-only/covid-19-vaccine-christian-ethical-questions-fetal-cells.html

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@m1rmiller, the article you found explains things very clearly and in detail. Thank you for finding it. Bottom line in the article, after reviewing the production and efficacy of new mRNA technology, leading Christian groups and ethics experts continue to recommend the mRNA vaccines.

@danab, with the addition of Novavax, people who continue to have concerns about the new mRNA vaccine they have an evidence-based choice that can also help overcome remaining personal concerns.

@blbird33, according to some experts the updated 2023 Covid vaccine isn't considered a booster. It is a formula adapted to the current strain of Covid. Boosters were additional injections to boost immunity of the earlier strains as immunity waned. But, like you, I continue to see the term booster used widely.

Here's an article from Mayo Clinic that helps explain more about the new COVID-19 vaccine:
- Mayo Clinic expert answers questions about the new COVID-19 vaccine https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/mayo-clinic-expert-answers-questions-about-the-new-covid-19-vaccine/

The Mayo transplant team offers some guidance about protecting yourself this fall in this article:
- Respiratory Illness: 3 Types to Watch This Fall https://connect.mayoclinic.org/blog/transplant/newsfeed-post/respiratory-illness-3-types-for-2023/
Mayo doctors advocate "for the flu vaccine and COVID boosters because they are the best way to prevent serious illness, especially for those who are immune compromised and their close contacts."
"As a transplant patient, you should not receive the FluMist, nor should any of your caregivers or close contacts. The FluMist is a live virus vaccine and could cause people with weakened immune systems to become ill."

@m1rmiller, I'm encouraged to hear that you got your vaccine without delay and that you're doing well.