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Hi Mirmiller, I was not confutable with the mRNA ones. At the time I was concerned about the less-than-optimal percentage of protection and being a new technology wanted to wait. Now I did decide to get the Novavax first series of 2 shots when they became available under the EUA as this particular technology is already tested and approved for use in vaccines like MERS, SARS, EBOLA and is a protein-based vaccine. I had other reasons also but they are based on my Christian Faith.
So I got the 2 shots and had no problems except a mild sore arm like you get with the flu vaccine. I will say that about2 months ago i did get Covid and it was very mild with no treatment of any kind and except for a weak feeling after, which is completely gone now, i had no other symptoms that were not similar to the Flu. It lasted about a week and started with a headache for about a day and a half. then normal flu symptoms except no fever except for the first day I had a low one of 100 but the rest of the time it stayed under 99 and mostly in the 98 range. So I'm happy I decided to do the Novavax one and if I decide on a booster I'll wait for a fully approved Novavax one. I believe that now that I had confirmed Covid that is actually better than a booster. Hope that helps you decide what you want to do. Let me know if you have any questions .

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Hi Dana- Thanks for your response. Are you saying that Christianity has taken a position against mRNA vaccines? I was unaware of this. Thank you for alerting us.
Be well yourself.