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Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself

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Hi all,
I’m Colleen, Community Director and part of Connect’s moderator team along with Kelsey. I want to say a special thank you to @leh09 @19lin @seanbeck @suebreen54 @mlemieux @ladyjane85 @lolomarie @zjandre @briansr @salena54 @sharonmay7 for all your contributions and making new members feel welcome.

Cheers to continued connecting on Connect.

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Thank you Colleen, It’s easy for me because I don’t think I have it as bad
as the others even though at times it would feel like it, until I read the
posts. I would love to take it all away for them but I can’t. So if we can
be there for each other, it might give a little comfort are some purpose in
their self in helping one another.


It’s an honor to find a group of people that have been, and are still going
through, what we all face 24/7. I’m getting worse but a lot of this startup
group have alot more problems than myself. Let’s try to grow this group
into one large enough to let our “FRIENDS” in Washington know that we are
indeed human beings and could use some representatives in D.C. to open
their minds and hearts to the millions that suffer daily with very little
to look forward to. I want to write, a novel, book, articles to whoever we
can reach. I just need some ideas. Do you suppose there is a pain monthly
magazine. LOL briansr

I do agree!!! It would be great to see them do what is right for those who
are in need of their assistants.


Colleen thanks for pointing us in the right direction !!! It helps to gather all the info we can. And by the way since they burned of my nerve endings March 15th. I Hav only had a few 3 day headaches. Around a 5. and only on the left side. I’m very thankful that I tried this and so far it is the only thing that worked Thanks, Sharonmay7

Brainsr; good idea to start web site for pain suffers. It is hard to find a site to just talk and exchange ideas on. WebMD has a site but it started to turn a little sour as some were less than supportive. They did not have monitors who could monitor the site on a regular basis and that makes a big difference. You have good ideas and we need to let our leaders know there is another side to the pain coin. Many times you just see negative stuff in the press and no one brings the other side of the suffer. 19lin

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Selan54 It is hard to evaluate pain which is why I push for some objective method of measuring pain. As I understand it there is no FDA approved method of measuring pain, but they do measure pain for research purposes. I heard of a person living near me who died of bone cancer, but they did not even know they had the cancer until 3 weeks before they died. I always heard that bone cancer was very painful and yet this person did not know they had it until just 3 weeks before they died? They kept working until they found the cancer. People experience pain differently. 19lin

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Att. Community Manager
Dear Sirs,
I do not know in what Discussion groups I might include my interest, the object rather, what I deem to be it of a general and scientific nature, however so far seemingly unreleased in internet or otherwise. It is somehow related with Mind Control and Physiotherapy. (The Noncancer Studies Contact Form is limited in length), and If possible, i would very much appreciate your kind information. – I am 96 years old, I suffered about 20 years ago a malign melanoma at a big toe then amputated, now with total reemission. I have a chronic heart-vascular condition, venous insufficiency, and arrhythmia; 6 years ago I became an arterial stent implanted. Well, this is all perfectly controlled by medicine, and my physical and cognitive capacity is excellent according to the physicians
Now I come to the main point. I am for many years a practitioner of Meditation which doubtlessly must have contributed to my longevity and stable health. Here my doubts. I am getting physical therapy mainly with stretching; otherwise, I am walking 3 times a week, about 30 to 40 minutes each, however to the advice of my doctor I should discontinue when starting to tire, especially during warm and humid weather. Nevertheless, if during walk I am distracted by vivid conversation, forgetting the tiredness (mind control?), I am able to keep on walking until I feel tired again. Similarly, during sessions of physiotherapy, considering my heart-vascular disease I am supposed to interrupt the therapy when presented with fatigue. If at that very instance my mind were transposed (from fatigue to unrelated thoughts) and thus keeping on, now tirelessly, with these physical efforts, are there risks involved, like an oncoming hyperthermia in the first case?
In other words, my mind being unfocused (masquerading?) on fatigue, thus recuperating temporarily my strength, is the commented risk point during these interludes being averted and thus allowing more extensive physical actions, in the way a case might require?
I would very much appreciate your opinion on this matter, so does my physiotherapist. Thank you, Pablo Luis Mainzer.

Welcome to Connect @pablo8.

As you point out, people are not divided nor defined by their diagnoses and conditions. Many members of Connect cross multiple groups and I welcome you to participate in any of the conversations relevant to you. For your current question about exercise with your cardiovascular conditions (chronic heart-vascular condition, venous insufficiency, and arrhythmia) I recommend that you post a message in the Heart & Blood Health group: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/heart-blood-vessel-conditions/

In particular, you may wish to join this conversation about “Staying healthy physically (and mentally) post heart attack” https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/hi-there-i-just-now-joined-your-group-and-after-reading-a/ We look forward to connecting you with other members.

Hello fellow pain sufferers
It has been my experience that burning the nerves where they are being pinched by surrounding bones, is a temporary fix as the nerves grow back. I’ve found that wearing a back brace helps relieve nerve compression. When I worked at the V.A., where my back problems began, the Doctor’s there measured me for a Corset. Wearing it every day for two months, my back problem eased, and the dang Corset self destructed from daily wear. My chief complaint with the Corset was it limited the amount of air I could breathe while seated. Standing all day improved my breathing. Those with chronic back pain might ask their physicians about a Corset!
The device alleviated 85% of the pain, and Medication took care of the remaining break through pain. Ive been on Oxicodone 15 mg, three times daily, and Gabapentin, 900mg, three times daily.
Also, I take Bayer Back and Body, 3× daily.
Little pain, No depression, Positive Attitude. Oh yeah, I’m on the Fentanyl Patch, 100mcg per hour. Best of luck to all.I have Peripheral Neuropathy, but Peripheral Neuropathy doesn’t have me!

I have peripheral neuropathy in my arm due to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which went untreated for for whole life. (II was 56 at the time of surgery) It was not diagnosed because the symptoms did not include the usual suspects. A smart pain doctor did a very thorough eval and ordered an MRA that proved the veins, nerves and arteries were pinched between the first rib and clavicle. With no blood flow the nerves were forever damaged and I remain in continuous pain. My pain clinic is insisting I reduce my medication so I hurt a lot and can’t type any more at this time. Be back later though.

I tried a back brace for the upper back. It has a part that fits just above the breast. I have COPD and when I wear the brace, I can’t breath. I had to make a choice on whether I wear the brace and ease the pain or breath. I had to make the choice to breath. But boy to I hurt.

Thank you so much for taking time to write.  My dad died of COPD and I was with him the last 9 months…hard.  I admire your strength to endure and accept the pain.  I'm hoping you have some special things planned for this holiday time.  meggie

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