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Lung Transplant: What can I expect?

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Hi Natalie, Unfortunatly I am not aware of any resources at this time, I have a phone appt. with a Social Worker next week and will ask if there are any resources available and what they are. We are fortunate to live about 2hrs away and right now I am more concerned for my husband driving back and forth as his health is not 100% when I got the transplant. I am scared of some of the tests and hope they have any alternatives as believe it or not I have a fear of needles. I too have given what I thought was all to Your Lord but, now that I in the evaluation process things are looking and feeling much different.

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I think you will get use to the needles. When you are in the hospital, it's not too bad because you have multiple IV lines and a central line at first. The tests are really not to bad. The hardest part of the tests for me was just trying to stand up for some of them and getting the oxygen tanks. Since I was on 8 liters at the time most of the tests were being done, I needed a special type of nurse that can do that. Most of the nurses in the hospital can only hook someone up to 4 liters. On top of that due to being on 8 liters a lot of times I needed the big canister unless they were going to switch me to room oxygen for the test. My husband had a hard time pushing the wheelchair and the big canister. However, we developed a system if we didn't have someone assisting us, where I would be able to push it with my feet (as long as my husband was going straight it wasn't too much of a problem).
However the follow up appointments, you will be giving blood each time. So that is up to 4 times a week at first. Then you get some that are really not good at it and my veins are really good. I joke that a blind person could take my blood, because not only can see them, they stick out most of the time.
To make it easier for yourself, make sure to drink a lot of water the day before. If you can drink that day, drink a lot of water prior and after. If you are dehydrated, your veins go in more and it is harder for them to do IV or take blood from you, which means more pokes.