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Kathy, I am so sorry I wrote a note and must have not hit post/ imagine that. We are fortunate enough to have two very qualified BMT hospitals in Indianapolis area so we have done all our care through one and we’re able to do transplant as an outpatient. Although after the first round of chemo he was hospitalized for 3 wks for his reaction and was told he probably wouldn’t be a good candidate. But but mr determination worked hard on PT and got himself ready. I’m not saying it hasn’t been a roller coaster of events but he is almost 8 months out and would probably do it again. He had a bout of graph vs host and now presently in hospital for CMV virus. But prior to that he was walking at least a mile or more and even riding his bike til he fell on it. So bike is out. If you have the opportunity to do local I would and use Mayo as resource. We don’t have family close but neighbors have been great. Have faith and trust your gut. Oh his cancer is in remission and donor at 100% presently.

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Hello @jrwilli1

I was thinking about you and wondering how your husband is doing with the CMV virus. I see from your post on October 9, that he was still in the hospital. Is that still the case?