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Half dose of eliquis?

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I have no advice other than to do what your dr orders. If you feel a second opinion is in order, please seek that out.
All I can speak from is our personal experience. My young adult son had 2 strokes from his asymptomatic A. Fib. If there is one thing that has been stressed to us over and over and over is, it's to take his Eliquis exactly as prescribed. If I could go back in time and take his Strokes away- I would do anything for that. The Heart Failure, A. Fib and A. Flutter have been a piece of cake to manage with amazing drs. and medications. He was very close to being placed on the transplant list- with EF of 11. He would have been back to teaching Middle School Math in about a month.
The nasty effects of the Strokes (that were caused by the A. Fib./clots)- his and our lives changed in the blink of an eye. He isn't back to doing what he loves- teaching Math to Middle School kids, and it isn't even a thought at this point in his recovery.
Please take care of yourself.

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Thanks for the reply. My side effects from full dose eliquis are excessive bleeding from cuts and scrapes and stomach upset likely due to reflux. Small price to pay for stroke risk reduction! I have great doctors that work with me and try to address my concerns. I need to reconsider my eliquis dosage. They agreed to it because I have good rate and rhythm control with medications.