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I think the suggestions to do what you can to seek out a second opinion are good advice. I have read about people's experiences with some of these medications, and sometimes the side effects are identical to the symptoms they are intended to treat. What I mean is that an antidepressant for example can actually cause depression, and so on.
It is also very, very dangerous to quit a psychoactive drug suddenly. The best advice, from people who have been on these medications, is to lower the dose very slowly over a long time.
May I ask if you have any options for getting a second opinion?

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This is my 5th psychiatrist. I have changed 4 psychiatrist. All psychiatrists have misdiagnosed me with a wrong mental illness and are giving me wrong medicines . I am tired of explaining to them that the diagnosis is wrong and the medicines are not helping me. I have tried to tell 100 times that the medicines have not helped me at all. But they are not ready to listen. They think that they know everything and they are overconfident and stubborn. They are forcing me to take wrong medicines. If I try to explain it to them that the diagnosis is wrong, then they behave like"Who are you to tell us, we are doctors.We know better than you"