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My wife has had stage IIIb lung cancer.

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How are you and your wife doing these days @burrkay?

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She tires easily, but tries to stay upbeat! Still has a deep bronchial cough and occasionally belching at night, (which was to have been corrected by the nissen fondoplication surgery about 18 months ago).

Good morning @burrkay. It appears that we’re both having our morning coffee at the same time as catching up with messages on Connect this morning. I admire your wife’s efforts to stay upbeat. The fatigue from cancer is a fatigue like no other. She is lucky to have you by her side just to be there when even conversation is too much.

How are you doing yourself burkkay? Speaking frankly, caregiving is all-encompassing, physically and emotionally. It’s 24/7 and typically caregivers find little time or space for themselves. I hope you know that here on Connect you can speak about the tough stuff too.

Yes, it is tiring…but, together we are determined to beat this ugly disease!
I am holding up pretty well.
However, my biggest frustration is the difficulty of communicating with our oncologist at Mayo. Understandably, he has a huge contingent of patients I am sure; and can’t respond to each individually. However, his staff just don’t seem to get it sometimes.

Example-like many we travel long distances to the clinic, requiring overnight stays. With the uncertainty of what he will find with the blood tests and scan, why do they schedule appointments late in the week? If she needs treatment of some kind, that would likely require a return trip, simply because it’s Friday and he wants a bronchoscope for example???

Communications seems lax at times!
The wait and apprehension between visits is mentally exhausting for both!

Otherwise, we are doing fine.

Thank you again for your concerns.

Hello @burrkay I admire how hard you are working to ensure that your wife gets the best treatment possible. Overcoming frustration is a tough task, no doubt. Have you explained this particular frustration with the doctor or his staff? As your written communication seems very effective, have you tried writing and either faxing or emailing your concerns? It might be very worthwhile. Best wishes. Teresa