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Appreciate your reply.

I started out with arrythmias and put on calcium channel blocker Cartia and Eliquis blood thinner by cardiologist for blood pressure April 2022.

Breast cancer diagnosis and surgery in Nov 2022.

Put on Letrozole 3/18/23 after radiation therapy by Medical oncoloist.
DEXA scan May 2023 shows osteoporosis..
Now, from what I have read, 1)the body needs vitamin D and vitamin K to bond together to take calcium from the bloodstream to the bones.
2) The calcium channel blocker does something to part of the calcium to keep it from being transferred with the vitamin D and K to the bones.

3) Vitamin D needs to bond with vitamin K to do this.
But Viamin K is a blood thinner. I can't take vitamin K with Eliquis,
4) So, double whammy. The calcium channel blocker does something to the calcium in the blood. The Vitamin D is useless without K to prevent osteoporosis and get calcium to the bones. That, plus Letrozole causes further osteoporosis.
5) If I could get off the calcium channel blocker and eat foods rich in vitamin K, I might have a chance helping bones to break down and build up naturally.

Any thoughts on this????

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Sure, Vitamin K is a blood thinner In the body vitamin K2-7 is converted to K2-4 which is not a blood thinner. Vitamin K2-7 can cause arrythmias which you don't need. Vitamin k2-4 does not cause arrythmias or thin the blood. Source naturals has a nice sublingual K2-4 menaquinone-4. Many supplements have both K2-7 and K2-4. K2-4 is said to stay in your system for four hours. I want it in the serum whenever I take calcium in order to avoid athersclerosis. The sublingual is (said to be) absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. Calcium is said to be absorbed primarily two hours after intake. So I use the under the tongue two hours after taking calcium.
Loss of estrogen affects the way we absorb calcium and the way it is used by the body. You need to be low estrogen, so you need another way to address the osteoporosis.
I don't have any estrogen either. Age has deprived me of all that chaos. My secret weapon is Forteo. I sound like a car salesman when I talk about it, so I'll spare you.
My private opinion is that we can't regain the bone lost to osteoporosis through diet and exercise. And, the supplements are not natural.
Thee are other opinions, though, hopefully forthcoming. There is alot of talk about strontium, which I think binds to the same sites as calcium and is heavier than calcium.
I'm not sure how or if it depend on k2 or D3.
There is a good link about how calcium channel blockers don't effect the bones. I'll find it and send. Best wishes