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Scott R L (@scottrl)

Videos about my stroke recovery

Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases | Last Active: Oct 6, 2023 | Replies (2)

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Hello Scott! I watched your first two videos, and like the idea of sharing your recovery information with everyone. You got me thinking, and I really appreciate that. While I had a mild hemorrhagic pontine stroke three years ago, it turned out to be something much more serious than I could have ever imagined. It turned out that I had about 36 silent strokes, infarcts, prior due to a form of genetic small vessel disease that had never been seen before. This disease likely tracks back to at least my grandfather (who passed in 1966) and possibly grandmother (who passed in 1974). After their deaths, their 7 children split to the corners of the country and haven't been seen since. Now that the original seven children are long since passed too, I find myself attempting to notify up to about 150 decedents that I have never met before regarding this dreaded dominant genetic disease. A very difficult task, but I see this as my family duty and responsibility.

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Replies to "Hello Scott! I watched your first two videos, and like the idea of sharing your recovery..."

Thanks for your comment.

I am hoping that people will find my videos interesting -- you have shown me that they may have another benefit altogether!

Best wishes on your mission to inform your family. I'm sure they'll be glad to be made aware; forewarned is forearmed.