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BMI and the Elderly

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First BMI is a measure to compare healthy weight, overweight and obese conditions in Populations. I know doctors and dietitians may also use this as a guide but for Individuals, it can be EXTREMELY faulty. WHY?

Normal weight is defined between BMI values of 18.5 and 24.99. Now think for a moment: Can a person have Normal weight even when the BMI is varying from a low point of 18.5 to an upper limit of nearly 25 , Of course not. Actually, if you are 1.80 meter tall, is your weight Normal at 60 kg (based on 18.5) or at 80 kg (based on 24.5) or somewhere in between? (BMI equals weight in kg divided by the square of your height in meters.)

Your healthiest weight is at which you feel and observe optimal physical fitness. No no one HAS to be optimally fit, there are things in life that are also equally (or more) important that physical health. Generally you would want to be functionally healthy and fit. In my 80 year old body I can do brisk walk for 30 mins each way, one and a half full pull-up or walk continuously 12 floors in my building with the last few at highest heart/pulse rate. Enjoy sound sleep and have no pains, surgeries, meds, tho sight is getting weaker. I think I am (never really measured) at right BMI with waist a few inches smaller than hip level. I don't see flab on my body any place and have good balance and flexibility. Actually I just fell on four tonight in a darker area stumbling over a raised curb but was back walking.

So eat well -- No Ultra Processed Foods (UPF) and lots of veggies fruits, legumes, whole grain, seeds nuts. Yes soda is a UPF. have been same waist for all my adult life.

You will FEEL too-- besides LOOKing -- fit and healthy. Good luck

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You have spoken well and I agree with you. Individualizing BMI is fraught with problems. I use it as a very general indicator, but also base my health on other measures, including, as you pointed out, how I feel. Functional fitness is essential the older we get.

Congratulations on your excellent health! I bike with a friend who is 85, ten years older than me. He prizes physical fitness and has maintained this despite surgeries for Afib, stomach issues and prostate cancer. On our moderately paced two-hour rides, he easily keeps up with me and at times I have to push to keep up with him. He is a model for me of a fitness and health.