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Living with MDS

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Hi @smetzing I’m wondering how your husband is doing. Was there any mention of having another bone marrow biopsy done after this last one wasn’t usable?
I was also wondering if you’ve seen this reply about having a bone marrow transplant for your husband’s MDS?
I would hope he’d reconsider his reluctance towards a transplant should it be necessary.


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He will be having another BMB in November. He seems to tire more easily lately. i hate this hes stable wait and see. might be looking at seeing another oncologist. I told him how im working on getting his numbers up, he said you are wasting your time. told him i was making him protein shakes, and supplements but he didnt seem interested. his numbers are looking better. platelets up from 28k to 48k. and wbc and rbc up some too. ill take whatever wins at this point in time. we met with transplant team in August. after we heard how long a process it is and how long we would basically have to live about 50 miles from home for could be six months, he just doesnt want to do that. if we were younger, yes, but im 67 and he just turned 70. at our ages its like, how much longer are we going to live anyways, and do we want to spend a significant important part being away from our home and family and doing what we enjoy. i just dont know, MDS just hit us so outta left field. ill post keep you updated. i joined the group on one of those long sleepless nite and had forgot about it till i seen my email today. thank you for your concern.