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I completely understand! "He told me the diagnosis of psychosis is correct" is so typical of Drs, especially psychiatrists, I have found. No further discussion, just I AM RIGHT, is essentially what they are doing/saying. Be very careful of being misdiagnosed [everyone out there]! I found out last year that I have three incorrect Dx's out there in the medical world, which are causing me to be charged the most expensive rate of Medicare Supplement Ins, and I cannot change companies because of these incorrect diagnoses! I was diagnosed with "Major Depression and Anxiety Neurological Disorder", but one of the Drs, along the way, decided to call it Bipolar, and it got into my medical record! I have never been Dx'd with Bipolar, no Dr has even ever brought up a discussion about it, and my symptoms do not indicate Bipolar. I was Dx'd with Stage III Kidney Disease by a nephrologist and saw him for a couple of years, or so. He never treated me, just kept me coming back to me. When I was hospitalized the next time, I gave this Dx as part of my medical history. The hospitalist told me that I do not have ANYTHING wrong with my Kidneys at all! I stopped going to the nephrologist immediately, but I must admit it leaves questions in the back of my mind. I contacted Medicare about Medicare Fraud, but they couldn't have been more disinterested! [Even tho it is a waste of taxpayer $] The third Dx out there for me is COPD, which my pulmonologist never, ever referred to. I have a couple other lung problems and I have an elevated hemidiaphragm, into my R lung, plus a chronic severe cough for four years that he could never figure out, which finally did resolve itself, but again, I was never spoken to about "COPD". After much research, I have come across a company who is supposed to help you with trying to get these incorrect Dx's wiped from your medical records, but there is no guarantee. I have been too sick since I found the company to adequately pursue it, but I will at least try, because it is causing me significantly financially and I can't change my insurance company! This is just a warning to those of you who know about "misdiagnoses" that have been entered into your medical record. It can cause you significant problems, besides be very frustrating!

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