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Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain

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I had one and then two stimulators placed to calm down my pain. They worked fine except every time I sat down I had to adjust the controls. I had to repeat this process when lying down, turning over in bed, and bending over. It just got too much for me, and eventually had both removed.

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I had that same experience with the changing levels until they got approval and turned on the Burst technology. Now I never feel it and it works way better. That was the end of last year.


The Burst technology has made significant changes to the spinal cord stimulator. It’s said to be completely MRI compatible, and is easier to regulate. The wireless control stays at home, except for extended trips out of state. I may be getting a second one because neuropathy has numbed my urinary system.

I just hope I won’t be incapacitated very long after the implant, as this is the peak time of yard and garden work. I’m working hard now so everything is caught up.


Have they not talked to you about recovery times and limitations? You should call your Doctor and get those instructions.

It varies a little bit Dr. to Dr. but basically you will be limited to lifting a max of 5-10 Lbs. that will last for between 8-12 weeks depending on the Dr.
They also limited me to no curling of the spine (like bending by curling your back) or twisting side to side in order to ensure the leads do not shift before they “heal” into place.

That being said, I stuck to those restrictions very militantly and I still had 2 different leads move on me (bad luck?).
That is when they sent me to a neurosurgeon who performed a laminectomy and secured them at the entry point not at the base of the spine.

Not that it will happen to you or that I have any statistical knowledge of the occurrence, but if for some reason the leads do migrate I would request to go to a neurosurgeon like described above – don’t just let the original Dr. redo it like I did 3 times ):

Again, I went thru a lot of surgeries, but I would do it all over again for the relief I finally got when the units were placed and secured correctly with the Burst Technology.

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