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Fluctuating GFR after transplant

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I think it started as my role as the support person and I used it in the beginning to ensure that I did not forget anything! lol But as we watched weekly lab results fluctuate and through the records were able to provide good data to the transplant team to aid in their adjustment of meds and such, it just stuck. He does have an "engineering" sort of mind as do I so we both quickly adapted to the "data" mindset as we work through this journey of keeping him as healthy as possible. Yes, I think the transplant team (especially the dietician) really appreciated the efforts 🙂

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I did that, also, with my husband's post-transplant appointments. The transplant dr told me I took better notes than the MA. They were not as detailed as yours seem to be, but I imagine that having that information, and sharing it with the team, will give them a lot to think about. And, it cannot help but make the entire experience better. They will understand more how a patient can influence the lab numbers by diet and activity.